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Creating a Profile

The days of sending your resume and praying are over.  Today – you MUST take the time to develop a resume AND a profile if you want to land the job.  We make it easy.
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Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

Do you know that most candidates put forth less time on creating a good profile about themselves than on making a cup of coffee with a Keurig?  Yet – like on LinkedIn – recruiters look for everything to be on your profile BEFORE they even browse your resume.  Be different.  Take charge.  TAKE THE TIME and put in the right effort to make a solid profile here on ASHEVILLEJOBS.  It’s the MOST IMPORTANT first step.

Find a GREAT photo of yourself.

Pull together all the dates and times of your prior jobs

Write a brief 3-5 sentence paragraph of your key accomplishments for each job

Begin to create your profile by clicking the GET STARTED button below

Input the information you just collected above. If you have a LINKEDIN account - you can one-click import that profile to get your ASHEVILLEJOBS profile jump started


Don't Rely 100% on Online Applications

The most overwhelmed and discouraged job seekers are often those that do nothing but punch the APPLY BUTTON on job boards.  Effective job search involves added elements to the strategy – such as networking.

Understand the Competition, and Come Ready to Play

In what ways does your background outshine theirs? Do you have areas of weakness? If yes, how can you strategize around these? What can you bring to that job that no one else can, even if they’re the perfect on-paper match?

Know the Value of First Impressions

Successful job seekers understand that, throughout the search (and, throughout their entire careers for that matter), one of their primary jobs is as a marketer. They are marketers, and the product they are marketing is themselves.

They Aren’t Obvious WIIFMs

The winners in the game of job search aren’t WIIFMs (“What’s in it for me?”). They come to the interview prepared to explore what the organization needs, and discuss how they can add immediate value.

What is the Big Picture Strategy for Getting my Next Great Job?

How to Find a Job in Asheville

An overview of the full strategy you need to implement to be successful.

Conduct a Self-Assessment

If you don’t have a path to follow you will probably not find a job in Asheville that you want.  Performing a self-assessment helps to determine that path.

Is More Schooling Needed?

Many jobs today require academic training beyond high school.  What special training – be it vocational or a University certification do you need?

Getting your Resume Noticed on Applicant Tracking Systems

Understanding how companies view your resume when you submit an online application can make the difference between getting that interview – or not.

Effective Interviewing

The interview is the goal, but the job offer is the victory.  Learn what and how to interview to land the job.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

As you can tell from a number of the tips and strategies touched on from this page – finding a job takes a multi-prong strategic effort.

You must be persistent, consistent and become a student in the art of finding & landing a great job.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!

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