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A staffing firm can do wonders to help companies find the right talent for their companies. Staffing firms are defined as an outside firm that gets a fee for finding the right candidate for a company. This consists of staffing agencies, RPOs, executive search firms and others that work the same way. Asheville has many great staffing firms in the area that offer amazing job opportunities. Express Employment has a variety of different jobs in all industries.  There are hundreds of great Asheville jobs provided through staffing firms.

An external staffing agency is not significantly better than corporate recruiting personnel. The main difference is that staffing firms work on fewer assignments at each time, and they get compensated only when they get results. They are not paid based on the amount they work. They are not paid based on the amount of work they put in to find you that right person. This becomes an asset for them when they are trying to place strong candidates in a company.

Sadly, most staffing agencies don’t utilize this factor to their advantage. They tend to compete on getting quick results at a lower price. Instead of presenting one of a kind candidates who companies would like upfront, they tend to present clients with potential candidates they could have found on their own anyway. They forget that they only get paid for the end results – and not for showing the most number of candidates.

To make matters worse, some corporate clients impose their own regulations and procedures that don’t allow a staffing agency to make use of this advantage and opportunity. This could lead to them getting subpar candidates for your firm. A client who wants to best utilize their searching firm should not hinder their searching process.

There are 10 main reasons why you use the right staffing agency to get the best candidates for your company. If the staffing agency you are using does not fulfill these reasons properly, then you should choose a better firm.

1. Staffing Firms Can Get Better Qualities New Hires For Your Firm
An external staffing company can access the active and passive talent market, which means they are in a place to get you the best candidate there is for your company. If you are going to be paying a fee of 20% or more for each candidate, then they have to absolutely be better than the rest. It must be worth the investment you are putting in. It shouldn’t be an ordinary person the company can find on their own.

To ensure you are getting the best, ask the agency to show their best candidates, enquire about how they were found, and compare them to the candidates you are interviewing for the same post. The firm is a good one if their candidates are better than the ones you have right now.

2. They Have Fewer Assignments and Can Focus And Get You The Best
It takes talent and time when you are trying to scout out the best candidate for the job – especially the passive potential candidate. The Staffing agency needs to be extra good to excel in this area. Since staffing firms have fewer assignments, they have a smaller workload, and therefore can focus all their energy on scouting out the best person for the job. Corporate recruiters may have the talent and skills but won’t have the time to scout out for that perfect right person to fill the job position. They already have a huge workload they need to pay attention to.

3. The Best Candidates Want To Work With An External Staffing Company
The most talented passive candidates with experience tend to get the best third-party firms to keep them posted on possible job opportunities at different companies. This is a huge plus for staffing agencies, as corporate recruiting firms tend to only represent one company. Candidates would rather use an external firm that gives them more opportunities.

4. Staffing Firms Have a Deeper Network And Get Fast Results
A good staffing company has a deep network of candidates for all kinds of job positions. This allows for companies to find the best candidate for the vacant job faster and more effectively.

5. Staffing Firms Know The Job Requirements And Will Find The Candidate Who’s Ready To Roll
A Staffing agency that is good would know the real requirement of the job and how urgent filling up that position is. They have the time to source out the right candidate and will find someone who can get right into the job from the first day.

Corporate recruiting firms can’t take the time to source out the perfect candidate with the right skills, experience, and expecting the right compensation. This means the external staffing company can seek the very capable candidates and get the company the best person.

6. Staffing Firms Can Take The Time Finding The Passive Candidate
Trying to seduce a person who isn’t looking to switch jobs is way harder than convincing someone who is ready to leave from the beginning. Corporate recruiters tend to consider only candidates who want a change, and not qualified candidates who might not even be looking for a new job. A Staffing company can take the time to seek out the perfect person – even if he doesn’t know he is one.

7. Hiring Managers Find External Firms Credible
The best external recruiting personnel tend to forge a bond with the hiring managers. Corporate recruiting firms can’t do this because they would need to work with different hiring managers all the time.

However, even this advantage might not work for staffing firms as talent leaders tend to not allow these firms to work directing with the hiring manager.

8. Staffing Companies Offer A Longer Guarantee Period
A good recruiting firm would offer at least 6 months or a one year guarantee. If the company doesn’t offer this, then that isn’t a good sign. This time period should be good enough for any external firm that knows what they are doing.

9. Staffing Firms Focus on Results – Therefore You Only See The Best
An external searching firm only gets compensated when they find that perfect candidate. Therefore, they would not trouble their client with each and every potential person. They would scout out and filter only a small number and present a small group for the company to choose from. This means they won’t be passing down each and every applicant for the company to pick from. The company hiring an external firm can be assured that they will be picking one of the best.

10. Staffing Firms Choose The Right People Who Are Coming For The Right Reason
External staffing firms want to select candidates who take the job and stay there. They need candidates who want the job in the long run and are there for the right reasons. Finding someone with all the right qualities would take the recruiter more time, and this is something a staffing firm can afford to use. Therefore, a candidate brought to a company by an external firm would definitely be a good one that would last in the long run. This candidate would be there to stay for the long haul and is the right decision- not some quick fix.

We now know not only the top 10 reasons to use a staffing firm to fill out the empty positions in your firm, we also know what to look out for when seeking the right firm to help with your company’s hiring needs. When you do find a good company that can work in all these 10 ways, please refrain from imposing rules and regulations that would hinder their search to find you that right candidate.

Rather than imposing your rules on them, offer them a one-time fee to ensure they do a good job. Also, remember that this investment in the right staffing agency is something that would get you the best people and keep on giving your company benefits for years to come.

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