Part-time jobs have become increasingly popular. With fewer and fewer employers hiring full-time employees, more and more people are taking a look at the pros and cons of working part-time jobs. Since the availability of full-time positions is shrinking, it is causing people to think about taking on part-time jobs and not even consider looking for a more permanent position.  A lot of people worry about health care benefits working part-time, but more and more companies are offering healthcare benefits for part-time workers.

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There are many important aspects to consider when checking out part-time positions. Most people only look at how much they will be making, but there are other things to think about like transportation costs, health, and also the impact it has on your family.

Extra Time for Other Projects
One of the most blatant advantages of part-time jobs is you will have more free time to pursue other projects. This is the most important aspect for some people. Someone who can not find employment in their field of expertise may choose to work part-time jobs so that way they can have the free time to gain more training or schooling so they can get that permanent position in their respective field.

A lot of people choose part-time jobs so they can advance their skills in their profession. For instance, it is not unheard of for people to earn undergraduate degrees in psychology, social work, or counseling, and then get an entry- level position so they have the time to gain their graduate degrees like their Psychology Phd Programs while also procuring an income. Doing this will open the door to much more lucrative positions.

Another plausible scenario that makes working part-time desirable is if you would like to volunteer on a project, get things done at home, or something like writing a book or screenplay. One can do this while working a part-time job because they will have more free time. You can do more in life and that is a rewarding feeling.

Unlocking New Job Connections
Taking on a part-time job is a great way to get your foot in the door when there are no full-time positions available . This especially is advantageous when accepting a part-time position at a company in your field of expertise or at a place that you would like to have a career in, Should I hire employees or self employed staff. When doing this, one must consider the importance of working part-time in your field versus the importance of having a full-time income.

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Working part-time is a great way to learn something new. Most employers do not want to hire and train an inexperienced employee full time, but they would be more inclined to hire and train someone who shows a lot of gusto about learning the business.

Opportunity to Gain More Income
It may seem contemptuous, but being employed part-time can actually make it so that someone can earn more money than if they worked full time, even more so if someone can juggle more than one part-time position. For instance, instead of just one full-time position, one could work a 30-hour gig and a 20-hour gig where both pay more per hour than working a single full-time position. The money that you would make at the two part-time jobs may procure more income than if you worked at just a single full-time job. You may actually make more money working fewer hours this way rather than packing in a full 50 or 60 hours all at once, which a lot of full-time salaries mandate.

Bolstered Health and Lower Stress
Many studies have shown that people who are working full time complain of not getting enough sleep and are often worn-out all the time. Another complaint of full-time employees is that they do not have the free time to relax or unwind. This is where one more benefit of being employed part-time really shines through. You will be able to have time for yourself, go on a hike, relax around the house, or even take a soothing day at the spa with some friends. It is important to have free time to yourself to alleviate all the stress of life. If you will also like to try some supplements to help you cope with stress, you can consider using the new Synchronicity Hemp Oil Tincture.

Even the fact that working part-time may mean you might have to cut some things out of your life can be beneficial. A lot of people have said that since they had to work part-time they had less financial burden because they had to lower their costs to survive on a part-time income. Lifestyle inflation, where one’s expenses increase with their income, happens to a lot of people and having a part-time position can help with that.

Many people prefer working part time rather than full time. Part-time employment allows the time for things like household chores, doctor appointments, or even something as simple as getting an oil change.

Family Time Matters
Working part-time can be a huge advantage for those who really value their time spent with family. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of being employed full time, not being able to spend much time with family or friends. Working part-time can even allow time to get the kids to and from school and it can cut costs on things like daycare or a babysitter.
If you are a parent you must think about how much time with your kids you are willing to sacrifice to earn more income. You are going to have to work in order to provide for your family, but, after that required amount, the additional hours of full-time employment can become too much.

The Cost of Transportation
One more advantage of part-time work to add to the list is transportation costs. If there are many part-time opportunities close to home but the only full-time positions require commuting an hour or more, then you would most likely benefit from taking on a close- to- home part-time position. The difference in vehicle insurance alone may make up for it in the long run. Most insurance companies will charge less if you are traveling a shorter distance to work.

Another way to benefit from this is the cost of gas. If you are traveling an hour or more for a full-time position that pays minimum wage, but you have a lot more part-time positions close to home, the savings in gas will speak for themselves. Also, you need to consider the wear and tear over time on your vehicle. Is your full time, minimum wage position really worth putting all those miles on your car? In short, no. You will save a lot more money in the long run in maintenance and insurance costs by accepting one or more higher paying part-time positions than taking that one minimum wage, full-time position.

Gig jobs are a great way to boost your income and make some cash. With the economy changing, a lot of employers are realizing the benefits of hiring a gig worker over a full-time employee. They benefit because they will not have to pay into retirement funds or group health insurance. So how does this benefit you? It means that there are a lot of open side gig jobs out there. Sure they might be temporary depending on where you are working, but that frees you up to do much more. Gigs are a great way to get your foot in the door, too. An employer may see your exemplary work and ask you to stay on full time.

In an ever-changing economy, it is important to keep a good healthy balance between work and life. Working a part-time job is a great way to do this. It will give you time to yourself to get things done, you will be able to spend time with family, and there is a lot less stress involved. Part-time jobs seem to be the way to stay sane in a crazy world.

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