The Asheville manufacturer, Blue Ridge Chair Works, is one of the top companies to have been recognized for its outstanding work and has been graced with the honors of the “Governor’s Export Award” in North Carolina. The chair manufacturer was found by Alan Davis, who has been dedicated to growing the company, particularly through exporting. Blue Ridge Chair Works is known for its variety of users, ranging from individuals within the camping niche as well as the hotel industry.

The exporting of goods and services within the global marketplace plays a pivotal role in alleviating the employment rate by providing jobs to grow the economy. According to Gov. Roy Cooper, this year’s export awards honor companies whose products and ideas represent North Carolina’s strong business reputation around the world. The company has been highlighted as being a part of this reputation, which placed them as a winner within the exporting industry.

In 2000, Blue Ridge Chair Works was created by a talented man, a woodworker that liked to tinker.  He is a man with innovative ideas and creative outside the box thinking.  Davis, who is the founder, started out by working on custom wooden kayak paddles. After which, he went on to build his own “high-end” furniture, not necessarily because he wanted to, but out of necessity. Currently, the company has three persons, whose main responsibility is dedicated to crafting various furniture, namely, backpack chair of the Carolina Snack Table. In addition to that, there is a team of people who focus on sewing and manufacturing contributing to the Asheville manufacturer business.

It is without a doubt that Blue Ridge Chair Works is one of the best manufacturing businesses in Asheville. The company has managed to tap into the global market and have found themselves in a unique position. Davis pays a considerable amount of gratitude to the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina (EDPNC) for the support he received. He mentioned that over 50% of his company is as a result of the EDPNC, which led to his global success.

The manufacturing business in Asheville is a vibrate growing sector and Blue Ridge Chair Works is honored to be recognized as one of these growing and vibrate companies. Due to the specialized area of manufacturing, the company earns most of its revenue from foreign sales, which accounts for a large amount of share of its business.

He also mentioned that he couldn’t have done it in other areas, such as Atlanta, because North Carolina is a state and/or community where there is a lot of resources to utilize as well as helping people, and for that, he is absolutely thankful. Davis further exclaimed that he is a man that embraces foreign trades and that the people who should really be awarded are the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina or other legislators who it was imposed upon to spare some of the resources, not only for the big companies or businesses but also for small businesses; simple businessmen who are just as dedicated and hardworking to contribute to economic growth.

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