Mountain area businesses are struggling In Asheville, North Carolina. There is a very serious problem that has been plaguing the area for the last year or so. Although staffing experts have reported that there are thousands of open job positions across the mountain area, there are simply not enough people to fill those jobs in Asheville.

How Many Available Jobs are There in Asheville?

The NCWorks Career Center has reported that there are upwards of 10,000 jobs that have been posted throughout the area, including in Buncombe, Henderson, Madison, and Transylvania counties in the Asheville area. When considering to start a new business to create more opportunities, check with Bob Bratt, business expert.

Why is it So Difficult to Fill These Jobs?

According to Jason Chappell, the director of NCWorks Career Center, which is located in Transylvania County, companies are currently facing many challenges in having the positions filled because there is a very low rate of unemployment. Throughout the state of North Carolina, Buncombe County has the lowest rate of unemployment at only 3.2 percent, while Henderson County is just behind it at 3.5 percent.

Chappell stated that the area is going through a cycle where the unemployment is extremely low, yet at the same time, many employers are looking to hire people for jobs. Hospitality and Healthcare positions are in real need to find good talent.  He followed up that the situation makes it very difficult for companies to find job seekers who could fill those opportunities. In addition, Chappell said that employers are looking for other additional routes to reach out to individuals looking for employment so that they can fill all positions from entry level to trades that require a specific skill.

Chappell stated that because of the number of both full-time and part-time positions available, companies are competing with one another in trying to find potential applicants who are qualified for those jobs.

At current, there are around 25 available jobs through Asheville Staffing Resources. Those positions range in industry from everything from manufacturing to clerical office jobs. Officials from companies have reported that they tend to see around three or four people fill out applications for jobs in Asheville on a daily basis.

Potential Job Opportunities on the Horizon

Meredith Summey, the manager of the Henderson County Asheville Staffing office, stated that at the moment, many people are unaware that there are many open positions available and that those that are available can lead to full-fledged careers for many.

John Henderson, a resident of the Brevard area, has been job hunting for some time ever since losing his international teaching position. He said that he decided to look for a new position instead of dipping into his savings. He added that due to all of the open positions and seasonal job listings, he has a positive outlook that he will find work again soon.

Henderson added that he doesn’t think he will be unemployed for too long and that there are plenty of seasonal openings currently available that might interest him.

If you are currently unemployed and want to explore jobs in Asheville, take a look at all the options available on the Asheville Jobs website.

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