LinkedIn’s Most Popular Healthcare Jobs

According to LinkedIn’s 10 Most Promising Healthcare Jobs of 2017, Pharmacy Manager made the top spot, while also topping Glassdoor’s 50 best jobs list at the same time. With an aging population and advances in healthcare technology, there is a growing need for healthcare professionals of all sorts and in all parts of the industry.

LinkedIn Data

LinkedIn has used the data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics from 2012 to find the fastest growing professions related to healthcare in the United States right now. 14-percent of the fifty jobs listed on Glassdoor’s list are all related to healthcare in some way. Even more surprising is the fact that these jobs are on the front lines of healthcare. The healthcare employment growth might be slowing just a bit, but it has continued to add about 18,000 total jobs. Just in the past 12 months, the healthcare industry has added somewhere around 370,000 jobs to the country’s economy.

LinkedIn has evaluated these healthcare careers that include: high median salaries, jobs likely to lead to promotions, jobs with advancement opportunities, and jobs with growth year after year.

Top Ten

The top 10 healthcare careers, according to their median salaries, found by LinkedIn are as follows:

  1. Hospitalist ($220,000)
  2. Pharmacy Manager ($137,000)
  3. Regional Sales Director ($135,000)
  4. Pharmacists ($124,000)
  5. Regional Director of Operations ($117,000)
  6. Regulatory Affairs Manager ($115,000)
  7. Product Manager ($97,900)
  8. Project Manager ($86,700)
  9. Program Manager ($85,000)
  10. Financial Analyst ($61,500)

This list should remind everyone that a job in the healthcare industry is not out of the picture just because one does not have an MD. The list highlights the importance of other jobs in the industry like operations, tech, and sales managers that help the industry become more networked. The positions in the list with larger career advancement opportunities are lower on the front lines like the hospitalist or pharmacists, putting the other, more office-related jobs at the top like financial analysts and product manager.

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There’s More

Care delivery job opportunities are not slowing down either. It has been shown that about 4,000 of the 18,000 or so jobs added last month were derived from hospitals, meaning it was almost 30-percent of the positions available. Ambulatory services have had the largest job growth in the last month, having 11,000 positions between physician offices (800 positions), outpatient centers (4,800 positions), and even home health care (4,500 positions).
The healthcare jobs listed above are not the only ones that have been experiencing growth over the past few months. There are even many of these high-paying healthcare jobs that include care delivery services. It seems that there is a little something for everyone on these two lists as well. Here are some of the highest-paying jobs in this area of the industry listed from the highest salary to the lowest salary:

  1. Anesthesiologist ($219,810)
  2. Orthodontist ($209,350)
  3. Internist ($205,865)
  4. Psychiatrist ($205,723)
  5. Surgeon ($202,510)
  6. Physicians ($188,263)
  7. General Practitioner ($179,816)
  8. Dentist ($161,640)
  9. Chief Executives ($150,416)
  10. Pediatrician ($147,990)

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