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Should a job seeker use a staffing firm or a temp agency in Asheville?  Yes, you should, and here are 10 reasons why….

Often, searching for a job can feel stressful and isolating. You could be spending hours working on your resume, searching for leads, and applying for opportunities. Each of these efforts could be happening without receiving any input regarding what you could be doing better or any mistakes you may be making. 

It isn’t necessary to experience your job search alone, and you may benefit from using a staffing firm. These firms use sap consulting when working with businesses to help place the best job seekers in open positions. It’s beneficial for you to work with a staffing firm because, in addition to learning about new job opportunities, you’ll also receive coaching throughout the hiring process. They make sure that every hire is a successful one with the use of employee feedback software. We’re going to answer the following question—why should a job seeker use a staffing firm? —so you can land the best possible job more effectively. 

1: Look for Experience 

It isn’t uncommon for an individual to change jobs every two or three years. Therefore, engaging in job searches happens infrequently and these people tend not to have much experience. However, those who work in the staff recruitment industry are performing these tasks daily, for instance, take a look to this customer service recruiting company.  

They understand how much the job market is fluctuating, as well as how individuals need to be marketed for their individualized skills. Because they can mitigate any unforeseen changes or surprises, it helps prevent any challenges from coming up throughout the job search. Those who are looking for a job will receive practical advice, rather than theories.

Here is a list of the top 3 staffing firms in Asheville, NC
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Express Employment Professionals

2: Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions 

For those who have never worked with a firm before, there’s nothing wrong with asking questions. You may be wondering about how the process works, and what the recruiter will do for you. Meet with your recruiter so they can outline how things will work regarding the submission of resumes, scheduling interviews, and the process of following up. 
Remember that this firm wants you to success, so there’s no such thing as too many questions. They’ll spend time with you to go over each answer, ensure you feel comfortable with the process, and provide you with any additional information you feel you may need to help you with your job search. 

3: Receiving Regular Insights 

One of the most frustrating elements of searching for employment is not receiving feedback regarding why you didn’t get the job from the potential employer. However, the staffing firm will provide you with this information as well as ways for how you can make improvements for your future efforts. The main reason they can achieve this is because they have spent years working with the same employers. They know what types of employees they’re looking for, as well as personalities, and other job qualifications. 

4: Honesty is Critical 

So long as you remain honest with your job recruiter, you’ll maintain a fruitful relationship. If you stay candid with them regarding what you’re looking for in a job, they’ll be better equipped with finding a position that fits your personality and needs. 

You must also be truthful regarding your job history, as well as gaps in employment, issues with previous jobs, and any potentially incriminating information that could be revealed during a background check. Upon doing so, you’re better able to explain the circumstances, thus allowing the recruiter to do the same with hiring managers.
5: Your Recruiter is Privy to the Best 

Once you’ve asked all the right questions, have an understanding of how the process works, and have been honest with the recruiter about past work experiences, they’ll begin sharing opportunities with you. One of the perks of deciding to work with a staffing agency is that they are privy to job opportunities that job seekers would not have exposure to otherwise. In addition to having skill in knowing which jobs will be the right fit for you, these professionals from a staffing agency like Betts Recruiting will help you find the best opportunities. 

6: Keep an Open Mind 

Even though your recruiter is working hard to find you the best opportunities, it’s crucial you keep an open mind about everything they present to you. While it’s optimal to have a full-time job, contract or temporary work may be the only options available initially. If you’re staying open to these opportunities, you’re also gaining experience in new fields, helping to enhance your skill sets, and keeping your foot in the door with a company that could hire you full-time. It isn’t uncommon for companies to use those working in temporary positions for full-time employment later. 

7: Use Every Free Service Available 

If you can become more marketable to prospective employers, then that’s what you should be doing. Often staffing agencies offer training and courses to help you with skill development that will help you achieve that goal. It’s critical that you ask about these benefits, use them, and ask about career counseling services. They may offer interview preparation and resume writing services from which you could also benefit. 

8: Don’t Become a “Yes” Man (or Woman) 

While it’s essential to have an open mind regarding job opportunities, if you believe a job isn’t a good fit, you must speak up about that. You also must explain why you think this is the case, so your job recruiter can make the necessary adjustments to your job search plans. When you provide your recruiter with as much information as possible, it will help them find opportunities that are the right fit more often, and it will save everyone a lot of time. 

9: Don’t Neglect Other Options 

While the staffing firm is going to become one of your most valuable resources, this doesn’t mean you have permission to forget about other job search resources. Looking for a job is a lot of work, and this means searching the job boards, checking social media, and networking. Each time you apply for a job directly without the help of the firm, you must tell your recruiter. This communication will help prevent your recruiter from submitting on your behalf for a job you’ve already applied for, which could inadvertently disqualify you from jobs at some companies. 

10: Complete Weekly Check-in’s 

It’s essential that you check in with your recruiter at least once weekly to follow up on jobs, keep your status updated, and make sure your recruiter keeps you in mind. If your recruiter prefers communication by email, phone call, or text, be sure to follow that protocol and respect their boundaries. You must also be patient with the process because your recruiter is working with multiple candidates, as well as waiting to hear back from numerous employers. 

Final Thoughts 

Working with a staffing firm is one of the best ways to help you, the job seeker, find a job that is the best fit. You’ll be working with a recruiter who has experience in finding opportunities, as well as has exposure to those you wouldn’t know about without their help. It’s critical that you remain honest with them throughout the entire process about your past work experiences, your work preferences, and each time you believe a job isn’t a good fit. Be sure to check in with them at least once per week to ensure they know about any outside jobs you’ve applied for, to follow-up, and to make sure your status remains up-to-date.
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