How to Get a Great Government Job

Learn the Best Way to Get a Government Job

Government jobs are some of the most sought after positions in the United States, (and really the world). Not only do they provide job security, (something that not a lot of employers can truly say), but there are also many benefits to being a government employee in general.

The thing is, along with the perks of the position come the responsibilities, and some roles require intense amounts of time, focus and energy to be a solid fit. The list of government jobs goes on and on, and all of them are a vital part of the entire world and how it moves. You can probably imagine, then, that it’s very important to have the right people filling these positions. It is very easy for power to fall in to the wrong hands, even if it’s only a small amount in the first place.

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The Best Way to Go About it

What a lot of people don’t know is how to GET a government job. Do they just walk in to a building, make a phone call, fill out an application? The truth is, the process varies for each workplace. Sometimes it’s as easy as a normal application process, whereas others you may even have to get recommended. There are, however, a list of things that you can do to leave yourself open to consideration on all ends of the job spectrum.

First and foremost is to keep a clean public experience. People don’t realize how often employers, (and more often than not ESPECIALLY government employers), to check social media for any red flags. This doesn’t mean that they care about your personal life, but a lot of them have strict protocols to follow. With a very extensive list of people both applied and applying most places, this is often the first step to narrowing down worthwhile candidates. Red flags would mostly include evidence of you doing anything of criminal nature.

Second, be persistent but not too persistent. If the facility or workplace that you are interested in getting a job at is open for contact, (so that you can walk in and sit down with someone of authority), it’s not too much to stop by every two weeks to a month and do anything to show merit. From chatting it up with one of the supervisors at the appropriate time, all the way to helping at any possible fundraisers, events, etc, there are definitely ways to stand out to employers in general.

Being Prepared is Key

Another thing to look in to is making sure that you have any and all licenses, permits, degrees, or paperwork necessary completed before looking to be considered for a government position. This will save a lot of time for them in the future, and sometimes it’s even required to get your foot in the door in the first place. Government jobs can be some of the most difficult positions to land, because of how many people are after them for the long-term.

The truth is, there really are no cookie cutter methods on how to get a government job. You want to show them leadership, a solid personality, and a willingness to work with others, as well as the ability to be confidential at any and all times. This is something to be stressed later on in most cases, but a lot of the time you will be working with sensitive information about different procedures and protocols. This totally depends on the nature of the position that you’re applying for, but it’s something to keep in mind and show positive signs of as soon as you can. It’s also both a mindset and skill set that will be useful throughout any government career, really.

Bring Your A-Game

All in all, just remember to bring your A-Game when applying for any government position. Whether it’s working in the mail room or a highly confidential scientific study, the idea is still the same — the stability of a government job comes with hard work and a lot of responsibility. There are hundreds of thousands, (if not millions), of people actively seeking the ability to work with the government in some way shape or form. Whether the specific position you are interested in is highly requested or not, a surefire way to get to where you want to be is by being the most qualified in every way that you can think of!

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