Hospitality jobs are in high demand. They are booming all over the globe.
In fact, there is wonderful news for those professionals who already have many years of hospitality service under their belt.  With the demand constantly growing in the hospitality sector, the growing economy presents a prime time for capitalizing on the experience that you have acquired.

In addition to industry workers being a coveted talent for other industries, it is also important that existing hospitality employers show appreciation and value their current staff. Such a competitive market is conducive to workers being offered better pay and higher level responsibilities in order to retain talent so that they will not venture off to other companies. Further, to keep the best talent in the organization from venturing to other opportunities, these new higher level opportunities may even include offering you a management position in the places that you may fit most.You will find that going the extra mile today may be the only way that you get to where you really want to go. Specifically, in the fast-paced,  constantly upward moving hospitality industry. Having said that, here are 11 tips that can help you stand out and advance your hospitality job.

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1. Stay Motivated

Motivation may sound like a no-brainer to you, but staying motivated, and showing motivation must be done with purpose. Staying motivated is one of the most important tasks. Staying motivated will automatically set you apart from the rest of your peers in this industry. For instance, just like the first day on any job, you should always dress your best, arrive early and stay late to support your management and your peers. You must use every opportunity that arises to demonstrate that you want and love your job.

2. Burn up the Hours

In some cases, one of the best ways to demonstrate your commitment to your organization is to burn through the hours. The time that you spend on the job will also indicate that you love the work that you are performing. It is also important to note that most higher-level hospitality jobs require overtime so working late to help out regularly is really a good look. As a general rule, when an upper manager is looking for someone to promote in any organization, they are usually looking for those professionals who they can depend on to work extra hours whenever it is needed. Simply stated, do overtime whenever the supervisor needs volunteers or hold your hand up before they ask.

3. Be a People Lover

The core of hospitality is serving people well and with a certain amount of grace and style while you are doing it. Even though clearing a table and making the perfect meal are a significant part of settling into this role, you will also need to gain the respect of your peers and management team too in order to be a true motivator and communicator to those that you come in contact with. For example, you should make sure that you are delivering whatever a person needs, while also double checking to see if they are completely satisfied before you leave their presence. To be good at what you do, you must be an excellent communicator. Communication also involves listening intently to the customer, collaborating with peers and management and making quick decisions to ensure everything goes off as planned. Providing the very best service to everyone will help you stand out as a top-notch employee in the hospitality industry.

4. Demonstrate Your Leadership Skills

Though your job may not lend itself to being a good leader in the role that you play, it does not keep you from showing your leadership skills in many hospitality jobs situations, whenever the need arises. For instance, if you are working in an organization as a bartender, your present duties will not prevent you from adding value in other areas of the restaurant. Specifically, if it may be proposing another way to do things to make everyone’s efforts successful. In fact, even the smallest change or proposal in the workplace can make a huge difference when people take the initiative to offer good solid support to jobs in hospitality.

5. Stay Organized for Future Hospitality Jobs

Excellent organizational skills are a prerequisite for any manager, supervisor or upper management position. Therefore, staying organized now can help you sharpen your skills for the future. One great way to practice these skills regularly is to keep a diary of things that must be done and use the diary to make sure your list is complete. These skills will not only keep you on task at all times, but shows that you are meticulous about what needs to be done.

6. Jobs in Hospitality Require Flexibility — So Stay Flexible

If hospitality is what you really want to do, you will need to stay open to upward job opportunities. So, you should apply for job positions that will give you the experience that you need to support your career path. Also, speak to your superiors frequently about new responsibilities. Getting out of your comfort zone is one of the best ways to ensure a healthy career path for the future. Doing a job that is outside your job description will show upper management that you are willing and able to be flexible.

7. Open up Communication With Your Boss

Your boss is doing something that you are aspiring to do so opening up the lines of communication is very productive. Typically, if he or she is good at what they do, they are usually the perfect mentors for those who want to move up in the company. Without these lines being broken down, good people miss grand opportunities for their own future.

8. Take Good Care of Yourself

You are a walking example of what you want your peers and superiors to see, even when you are not paying close attention. In many cases, people will judge you on how you carry yourself and your confident appearance. So, you should always make sure that your outside and inside appearance is what you are trying to promote.

9. Improve Yourself

Preparing for the opportunity before it comes is one of the best ways to snag a good higher-level position. Therefore, you should sign up for courses internally and externally too. With a long list of acquired experiences and skills, you can build the perfect resume that will better equip you. For instance, you should strive to accumulate new skills, knowledge, and experience from taking on new responsibilities.

10. Remain Cool

Cool as a cucumber. That is your goal. When you work in a fast past, high pressured hospitality environment all of the time, it will leave you open to virtually anything. So, you can expect occasional problems to surface at any time. To remain cool and calm, you should always make sure that you are not overcome with a lot of stress. Simply stated, you must be able to manage stress well to remain cool. By staying cool and collected during difficult times, you will demonstrate your ability to handle extraordinarily harsh situations with class. If not, the alternative is freaking out and losing your well-earned opportunity to go to the next step in your career.

11. Begin Improvements Right Away

Don’t wait to implement the tips provided for you above, you should start getting ready now. Typically, by putting these things into practice on a regular basis, you will have the best chance of sitting in your dream job. Since hospitality is an exciting career to have, you have a chance to make people happy, while also looking forward to a very promising career in hospitality for many years to come.

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