Hospital Healthcare Jobs That Pay VERY Well Without a Medical Degree
A majority of people shy away from hospital healthcare job opportunities. This is because there is a misconception that one requires a medical degree to pursue such openings. The reality of the matter is that there are high paying healthcare jobs that do not need an M.D. As you would guess, this sector is a lucrative source of employment as there is high demand for quality healthcare. Below are some of the dynamic high-paying jobs that do not necessarily require a medical degree.
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a) Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
The major responsibility of a sales representative working for a pharmaceutical brand is selling products to physicians. Such an individual requires the intellectual capacity to understand the science behind products as they may be needed to explain the same to doctors. They educate physicians on new developments in the pharmaceutical industry. Sales reps may conduct field research to gauge reactions to new treatment. What skills should one have? First, an individual needs to have excellent verbal skills and be social as the day to day work involves talking and negotiating with physicians as well as traveling. You also need to be persistent, patient and have the ability to build relationships and earn trust from clients. One requires an accreditation from the council for continuing pharmaceutical education and a four-year bachelor’s degree. The salary range is between $37,500 -$95,000
b) Kinesiologist
These individuals are also referred to as body movement experts due to their roles and responsibilities. They help in preventing and managing chronic diseases and injuries. Some of their tasks include conducting workplace ergonomic assessment, guide activities in long-term care centers and assist with sports injury rehabilitation. As a kinesiologist, one may work independently, in a public or private clinic, in hospitals or assist healthcare professionals. The requirements are three or four- year bachelor’s degree. The salary range is between $ 30,000 and $53,000.
c) Occupational health and safety advisor
With a salary ranging between $47,000 and 112,000, such an individual has several roles and responsibilities. They develop, implement and maintain safety in the workplace. They ensure that all health and safety laws are followed. Other tasks include preventing workplace injuries, conducting inspections to identify potential dangers, facilitate first-aid training and educate on handling hazardous materials. They also create employee mental health initiatives, teach ergonomically safe patients transfer and investigate and navigate workers compensation benefits in case of a workplace injury or accident. Their education background may be a certificate or a bachelors degree to help them develop health and safety plans, programs and reports.
d) Ultrasound Technician
Also known as a sonographer, the technician creates images of body organs and tissues to help in diagnosis and monitoring of abnormalities, medical conditions or diseases. They not only carry out ultrasound assessments for patients but also interpret such images. Some of the specialties involved in sonography are abdominal, neuro-sonography, musculoskeletal, obstetric, ophthalmology, and cardiovascular sonography. One may work in a private clinic, public community health center, medical lab or hospitals. Sonographers require a bachelor’s degree and a certification exam. The salary is quite rewarding as it ranges between $39,000 -$78,000.

e) Social worker
A healthcare social worker undertakes tasks that improve the quality of life for patients. They work with individuals undergoing significant changes, facing difficult situations and those with emotional stress. They clinically diagnose behavioral, mental health and emotional disorders. A social worker counsels and support patients and their families and also offer advocacy and awareness initiatives. Such an individual may work in a hospital, mental health clinic, rehabilitation facilities or community health center. A social worker is among jobs in healthcare industry that require a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. The salary is between $33,000 and $78,000.

Just because a medical degree tends to be expensive and may take time completing, this should not deny you a chance to work in the healthcare industry and to get a relatively high pay. The above healthcare jobs are among the well-paid jobs in the Canadian market that people should consider. Other such jobs in healthcare industry include-:
• Medical assistant
• Medical scribe
• Phlebotomist
• Surgical technologist

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