Why Employers Can’t Find Qualified Workers

Employers today are struggling to fill the many open positions they have.  The answers as to why they are struggling may surprise you; however, it might be important to note that low unemployment is one of the reasons.  Other reasons however are very troubling.  Not the least of which is that nearly 5-15% of the candidates that apply for a job are simply not employable.  Many candidates today, in a clear example of the failure of the Department of Education, lack the basic skill sets to and experiences to be employable.

Many candidates fail the application process due to self-inflicted wounds.  Issues such as drug use, past crimes, communication skills, social skills and appearance all make for reasons to not get a job.  If you’re a candidate struggling today to find a job, consider taking a long hard look at our series ‘How to Find a Job in Asheville‘ which will help get you back on the right track.

Are you struggling to fill open positions.  Or, are you having a hard time getting a call back from your application attempt?  This video may explain why.


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