Creating a dynamite job seeker profile on is crucial.  If you are serious about finding a great job you have to create a reason why employers should contact you.  When you register on you have an opportunity to complete a job seeker profile. If you only put the basic information, (name, email, contact number) your profile WILL be marked as hidden. Employers will NOT be able to find you in our database. Just throwing your email and contact information out there is NOT going to do squat. This tells the employer nothing about you. Employer’s searching our job seeker database are looking for great candidates with complete profiles. This is your chance to entice them to click on your profile and proactively give you a call.

A job seeker profile is like a marketing catalog that sales yourself to the employer.  If you look at a magazine ad you want to see at least one picture and a great title that catches your eye. This is the same for your jobs seeker profile.  You need to add some spice to your page. If you have a Linkedin profile you can just import your Linkedin profile into  You will still need up load your resume, but for the most part, it will give the employers a completed profile to view.

Take a look at how to Create a Dynamite Profile

Upload your Linkedin profile is the easiest and fastest way to complete a dynamite job seeker profile.  Be sure you also upload your resume and make sure your resume and Linkedin profile match.  Too often, there are discrepancies and that will turn an employer off immediately.  You must make sure everything you post up socially is consistent.

Please watch the tutorial on uploading your Linkedin profile.

If you only entered your name and email address – you don’t have a visible PROFILE on…and THAT alone will limit your opportunities. Employers and recruiters use our candidate profile database and reach out to those that are a good match. So, it’s imperative that you fully complete your profile today.

Here is a video tutorial showing you how to do just that.


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