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Are you passionate about helping others succeed in their job searches? Looking for a great new place to share your career expertise? Have a great idea that you think would be perfect for our readers? is looking for career experts who are interested in contributing and solidifying their reputation as HR professionals, recruiters, or coaches. In addition, we love inspirational personal stories about career changes and comebacks.
Expand your readership through the LLC network; including, We are inviting top bloggers to re-post their best articles or write an original article. Your content may be posted on either the AshevilleJobs Advice column or the Advice column and reach 50,000+ new readers each year. Plus, we may amplify posts through our social media and syndication channels.


  • Advice from experts in fields related to career and job search topics
  • Articles that offer a fresh, interesting take on career advancement, management, or the job search (think “5 Fun New Ways You’ve Never Thought to Network,” not “Why You Should Network”)
  • True stories about unique, original ideas that landed you the job or the promotion
  • Actionable, tips-based pieces, expert-backed trends pieces, and personal stories that are positioned as advice to our readers
  • Strong writing that matches our voice and style (think professional, smart, and SFW, but fun, fresh, and conversational)


  • Basic stuff, à la “5 Hard Interview Questions.” If you could find it on every other career site out there, it’s probably not for us.
  • Articles targeted to college students, entrepreneurs, or business owners
  • Lifestyle content (food, fashion, makeup)
  • Anything overly (or even subtlely) promotional of a specific company or brand
  • Anything with unnatural inline links (sorry, we don’t accept guest posts from writers who work to place links for a brand or company.)
  • Content that has been published elsewhere
  • Anything that sounds too formal
To submit a story for consideration, please complete the form below with the following information:


  • A bit about you: Tell us about yourself, the experiences you have to share, and why you’re the right person to write this article.
  • Your idea: Pitch us your article idea. Tell us the title, write out a sample introduction, and then briefly outline how you would approach the rest of the piece, including any experts or sources you would include. Please don’t send a full draft.
  • Links: Send us 2-3 samples of your previous writing. (If you’ve never written before, consider the pitch above your writing sample.)
  • Your LinkedIn Profile: The internet’s a wacky place and we want to make sure you are who you say you are. The best way for us to do that is to take a look at your profile.


Include a 2-3 sentence bio about your experience and company, if relevant.

Note:  This form is for editorial submissions only. It is not for job submissions or account support.  If you need to reach us for support as either a job seeker or employer – please contact us here.

We are a locally owned and operated business dedicated to helping job seekers find great opportunities for their career in beautiful Asheville North Carolina and the surrounding region. is a part of the LocalJobs Network.


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