Meet Pattie Greene

Pattie’s Story

I have a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Music/Theatre and a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Psychology from the University of Michigan and The Goodman School of Drama in Chicago.  I have enjoyed a vast and varied career in the Arts, Medical, and Financial industries always with a focus on Customer Care and Service.

What Patti Does
Helpdesk Support Agent

I am a Helpdesk Support Agent.  In this capacity, I am responsible for taking escalated customer calls and assisting Call Center Agents from around the world as well as other Departments with managing, maintaining, customizing and correcting Customer accounts. Among my other duties, I also answer a variety of Helpdesk Tickets put in by Agents with items that are beyond their empowerments and take Suspicious Activity (Fraud) calls from people whose identities and or credit cards have been stolen.

“I really enjoy the diversity, intelligence and support provided by our amazing Team, Leads, Supervisors and Management every day. I am completely impressed with how the company puts forth such a tremendous effort to make us all feel appreciated and respected.”

“I particularly enjoy solving customers’ and team members’ issues.  To me, the satisfaction of a satisfied and happy customer, whether they are internal or external, is my true Joy and Privilege!”

We are a locally owned and operated business dedicated to helping job seekers find great opportunities for their career in beautiful Asheville North Carolina and the surrounding region. is a part of the LocalJobs Network.


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