Meet Nicholas Ostoffie

Nicholas’s Story

I moved to Asheville in 2013. I immediately pursued a customer service position out of high school, I have a significant amount of experience working with people. I have experienced everything from gas station clerk to high scale hotel management. One aspect I had never experienced was working with people over the phone and OceanX seemed like a wonderful environment to explore this area of expertise.

What Nicholas Does
Help Desk Agent

My day to day duties mainly includes trying to understand, isolate, and solve any issues that customers may be experiencing. Sometimes this includes de-escalation if the issue has affected the customer on a more personal, emotional level.

“I enjoy coming in to see my friends and associates that I work with. I’m fortunate to work with a really great group of people in my department.”

“I love that OceanX gives me the opportunity to work with great people, and connect with people all over the world.”

We are a locally owned and operated business dedicated to helping job seekers find great opportunities for their career in beautiful Asheville North Carolina and the surrounding region. is a part of the LocalJobs Network.


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