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The Community in Weaverville, North Carolina is a picturesque small town that is a mere 9.7 miles north of Asheville. It is at the entrance to the Blue Ridge Parkway and there are miles of local hiking trails and cycling routes. Nature lovers will be delighted with the scenic drives abundant with native plants and wildlife. 

Before it was named, Weaverville was a community of farmers. John Weaver, one of the first settlers in the area, moved there with his family and the town was aptly named after him. Many families followed the Weavers and began settling there over the next seventy years. To service the new families, many churches and schools were built in the area. The town was incorporated in 1875 by the North Carolina General Assembly. In 1904, it was dissolved because so many repairs were needed on Main Street. The state was forced to make the repairs and in 1909, after all the repairs were made, the town was, once again, incorporated. Exciting changes came to this tiny town. In 1908 it was electricity, 1911 came a phone system and in 1912, they had a water system in place. 

Population Information

The population, in this little town of 3.35 square miles is 4,734. Of this number, 53% is female and 47% male with the median age being 52 years of age. 96.7% of the population is Caucasian, .5% African American, 3.4% Hispanic and .3% Asian. 

Housing Information

In the local area, real estate is the most costly in Weaverville with the median home price being $335,000. Renting averages approximately $1,400 per month. Homes in the area can be found from brand new subdivisions to homes built in the 1800s, and include condos and townhomes. Log homes are also very popular. Approximately 52% of all homes were built between 1920 and 2000 with 25% being built later than the year 2000. Approximately 80.5% of the population own their own homes. 

Median Income Information

The Community in Weaverville has an unemployment rating just slightly under the U.S. average at 3.9%. The median income is $53,072. A remarkable 98% of the population have at least a high school diploma. As far as types of industries where the most employment is found, the top five are: 20.9% Retail, 13% Manufacturing, 13% Healthcare Service, 10.3% Education Service, and 10.2% Professional Scientific and Technical Services. The average commute time is 15.7 minutes. 

Known for the birthplace of Zebulon Baird Vance.

Historic Homestead

The is the birthplace of  Zebulon Baird Vance was the 37th and 43rd Governor of North Carolina, and U.S. Senator in the mid 1800s. His farmstead, near the Reems Creek Valley is (about 12 miles north of downtown Asheville), 

In the Community of Weaverville, you will find some of North Carolina’s most vibrant and very active art communities. There are many art galleries, shops and restaurants. The high tech industries, and quaint shops and restaurants make Weaverville a major influence to the Asheville area. Touted as being one of Western North Carolina’s best kept secrets, the Community of Weaverville has been described as being authentic, artsy and having an off-the-beaten-path lifestyle. From the outdoor enthusiast to the artistic, Weaverville welcomes you! 

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