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Asheville North Carolina is known as “The Gateway to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park,” and has the distinction of having the Blue Ridge Parkway running through the southern part of the city. It is the county seat of Buncombe County and the largest city in Western North Carolina, being 45.5 square miles of sheer beauty. It is also the 12th most populous city in the state of North Carolina. The area it sits on was once a part of the Cherokee Nation until deSoto, a Spanish settler, came to the area in the mid-1500s. The town was founded when Colonel Samuel Davidson settled there in 1794. Three years later, in 1797, the town was incorporated and was named after Samuel Ashe, the governor of North Carolina. 

The first rail to reach the city was in 1880 when the Western North Carolina Railroad completed the line from Salisbury to Asheville. As a result of the building of the railroad, there were textile mills and wood mills built, which greatly helped the economy. During The Boom Era, in the roaring twenties, there was a great deal of development of residential subdivisions and new buildings. To this day, most of the historic homes and commercial buildings have been kept intact. In fact, other than in Mami, Florida, there are more Art Deco buildings in Asheville, than anywhere else in the Southeast. 

The population of almost 92,000 has a median age of 38.6 years of age, with the largest age group of people between the ages of 35 and 44. The population is 52.69% female and 47.31% male. 78% of the population is Caucasian, 17% African American, 3.7% Hispanic, 1% Asian and 1.58% Mixed Races. 

Unemployment in the area is under the U.S. average, being 3.8%. The median household income is approximately $46,000. The type of employment available is diverse with the five highest percentages of jobs being in the following industries: 18.8% Healthcare, 12.5% Food Services, 12.5% Retail Sales, 8.8% Educational Services, and 8.5% in the Manufacturing Industry. The average commute time is 14.1 minutes. 

The median home value is $280,000 or $202 per square foot. Average rent is approximately $1,600 per month. Home styles are about as varied as it gets. You can find everything from lofts and condos to historic craftsman bungalows, cottages, Spanish-style villas, and brand new brick ranches. Of course, nothing can compare to the Biltmore Estate that was built in Asheville in the 1880s and 1890s. The George Vanderbilt family moved into their estate on Christmas Eve in 1895. The floor space of this gorgeous mansion is 135,280 square feet. Tours are available on a daily basis. 

Known for its arts and crafts, the Community of Asheville is home to over 50 art galleries in the downtown area. Most of the crafts are local or come from surrounding areas. Also, keeping with the local theme, many of the numerous restaurants (Asheville is known as a place to visit if you’re a “foodie”) use locally grown ingredients, boasting farm to table fare. 

The Community of Asheville is a bustling, vibrant place to visit or call home. The area is especially inviting to those outdoor enthusiasts, with just about everything outdoorsy to do, and with such a gorgeous backdrop. With so much to do, and in such a friendly place to do it in, it’s no wonder Asheville has been called, “The Happiest City in America.” However, what about a place for those who are a little more laid-back? There are six wonderful communities within just 30 miles of Asheville, just waiting to be found. 


Near Asheville

Finding the right area to live is crucial, especially if you are from outside the area.  We have listed a few communities near Asheville that range from 5-20 minute drive to downtown Asheville.

Each community is unique and the beauty of Asheville is you don’t have to go far to find hiking, biking, rafting, fishing or any other outdoor activity.

It’s not hard to see why people flock to the the Asheville mountains.  This is a very special place.

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Black Mountain North Carolina

The Community of Black Mountain, North Carolina has proudly been named: “One of the 50 Safest Towns in North Carolina”, “Best Small Town in North Carolina” and one of the “Prettiest Small Towns in America to Vacation”.  Read More….

Candler North Carolina

This mountain community lies in Hominy Valley and there are approximately 332 people per square mile (density). Originally settled by native Cherokee Indians, early in the mid-1700s the land was then settled by German, Scottish and English settlers.  Read More….

Fairview North Carolina

In the town, there is a light at the busy intersection of Highway 218 and Highway 601. This signal is the heartbeat of Fairview. It got its name from a woman named Louretta Vanda Helms Price. She told the townspeople that the area around that intersection provided a “fair view.”  Form that day on they ydeclared, that the name of the town would aptly be named, Fairview.   Read More….

Fletcher North Carolina

Pride in our past and faith in our future.” That is the motto of Fletcher, North Carolina. Located on the northern edge of Henderson County, this small town of 6.5 square miles is proud of the fact that it has a suburban feel in a friendly community atmosphere.  Read More….

Hendersonville North Carolina

Until the 1785 Treaty of Hopewell, Henderson County was part of Cherokee Indian territory. The city, as well as the county, was named for the 19th century North Carolina Supreme Court Chief of Staff Justice Leonard Henderson.

Weaverville North Carolina

The Community in Weaverville, North Carolina is a picturesque small town that is a mere 9.7 miles north of Asheville. It is at the entrance to the Blue Ridge Parkway and there are miles of local hiking trails and cycling routes. Nature lovers will be delighted with the scenic drives abundant with native plants and wildlife.  Read more….

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