Any time a new commercial property comes up, many people benefit from it. Most benefit directly by getting employment where they serve in different positions while the owner of the property will benefit from the profit that will be realized from the venture. Such an infrastructure increases the economic growth of the region. Blackberry Farm has announced that it is going to build a hotel that will host all the visitors and tourist who come to enjoy the beautiful sceneries of the Smoky Mountains that are found in Blount County.

The hotel will increase the number of hotel jobs for the residents of this area. Blackberry farm already offers about 600 jobs, but with this new hotel, it is going to create about 150-200 new jobs. The hotel is going to be a combination of modern techniques and old antiques. It will provide a serene environment for all the visitors to dine and stay in style in a natural setting. Blackberry Farm is 5200 acres, but the hotel will not occupy the whole property. 2800 acres will be preserved to conserve the natural beauty of the area.

The hotel will have two main restaurants. The Firetower and Three Sisters. Firetower is a casual dining place that offers a 360-degree view of the area from the peak of the mountain. It is based at the base of the historic Millstone Gap Lookout Tower. The Three Sisters will provide an excellent dining experience. The wild foraged ingredients will make the stay more enjoyable and memorable. In general, the hotel will open with six traditional-style cabins, a series of multi-bedroom homes and 13 cottages. All of the houses and cabins will have a great view of the mountain.

According to Alexander who is the Executive Vice President of Blackberry Farm, East Tennessee has significantly benefited from the many new jobs that the farm has continued to create. He says that the Great Smoky Mountains are a real treasure for the region and have brought a lot of tourist in Blount County. The hotels that Blackberry is building will now attract even more tourists broadening the economic growth of the region. There will be a positive economic growth in the area for the benefit of the community.

According to Proprietor Mary Celeste Beall, the hotel project is the height of many dreams. Although the ultimate goal of Blackberry Farm has always been to protect the land for the future generation and the community, building a restaurant that will make it easy for the people to come and appreciate the natural beauty of the area is also a brilliant idea. Beall says that she is so excited to see the dream come to life, the hotel will give the guests a chance to enjoy the beautiful mountain with the local people. The quests will have an easy time as they go out to explore and connect with each other.
The services offered by the hotel will include a full wellness program that will focus on outdoor adventures, an eight-treatment room, spin studio, fitness classes, Yoga studio and a gym among others. The mountains are twenty minutes away from the blackberry farm property. The hotel is about 30 minutes from Knoxville McGhee Tyson Airport. With the services mentioned above and amenities, the hotel will give all visitors a chance to enjoy the natural splendor of the landscape while making sure that everybody stays in shape.

The rates will cover night accommodation, dinner, and breakfast. Dinner will be the first meals the visitors will be offered o the arrival day. The last meal will be a breakfast as visitors conclude their stay. All meals will be served within the traditional meal hours. Pantry snacks and non-alcoholic beverages will be served too.
There will be fitness class every day starting at 7 am and ending at 11 am. All interested visitors will also enjoy a guided morning hike. According to Alexander, the whole idea of protecting the environment while creating more hotel jobs for the people is a result of pure teamwork. Blackberry Farm aims at preserving the beautiful view of Blackberry Mountains while increasing the economic growth in Blount County. All this will be done while providing world-class services at the two restaurants.

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