Meet Meredith Ristic’
UNC Asheville

Meredith’s Story
Her journey from student to employee

I started out as a two-sport athlete at UNC Asheville on a full athletic scholarship for volleyball and track and field. While at Asheville I received my degree in Mass Communications and Journalism, I had my first internship in the UNCA athletic department in sports information.

After graduation, I became a men’s and women’s college volleyball coach and then spent some time overseas before accepting my first full-time position at Asheville as a sports information director. After a year in athletic communications, I realized my true passion was in helping students pursue higher education. I made the transition to admissions, first as a recruiter and most recently as an admissions counselor. I’m currently working on my master’s degree in international conflict resolution in hopes of working with second and third world countries in providing information about higher education (at UNC Asheville, of course!)

What Meredith Does
Admission Counselor

I recruit potential students to the University by traveling to high schools and college fairs to present information potential students. In addition to the presentations out of the road, in my daily workflow, I meet with potential students and their families for one-on-one admissions conversations and to go over specifics for their particular situations. My position is also responsible for reviewing student applications and making decisions for admissions.

“UNC Asheville has always been a place where I felt challenged and encouraged to grow. From my time as a student to recruiting the next generation of students, the campus culture makes me better every day.”

“So much of what I do is creative problem solving and I love that. I work well in an environment where I am given resources and a task to solve and am allowed to run with it”.

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