Meet Fred Tugas
UNC Asheville

Fred’s Story
From Beach to Mountains

I’m originally from Virginia Beach, VA and always thought I would live on the beach for the rest of my life. I always knew that I wanted to work in education, but was not really sure what exactly I was passionate about. When I was a college student at Old Dominion University, there were faculty and staff that invested in me. That drove my involvement on campus and intentions for a career in higher education.

After some time working in college admissions, it was time for me to get my master’s degree to advance in the field. I received my master’s degree in education from Clemson University while working in the university housing department.

As I prepared for the job search, I knew that I wanted to return to student activities work in an inclusive city with opportunity for adventure. UNC Asheville and the City of Asheville provide me an awesome opportunity to make an impact on the student experience while personally living in a beautiful mountain resort town. This was my dream job in my search and I’m reminded how lucky I am to have the opportunity in a great city!


What Fred Does
Associate Director of Programming

In my role, I oversee student involvement, activities, and programs at UNC Asheville. My areas of responsibility include student organizations, leadership development, fraternity & sorority life, off-campus student programs, Underdog Productions program board, and the student marketing team.

UNC Asheville Bulldogs

“I enjoy the opportunity to work with college students who are passionate about making positive impacts in the world. It makes it an incredibly engaging place to work”.

“College is a time of transition and change for these young adults. I most enjoy seeing students build social connections with each other on campus because that sense of community is vital to their success. The student experience is beyond academics; it’s about developing personally and professionally while making memorable moments along the way”.

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