Meet Sean Morrison
Mission Health – Manager of IT Planning & Architecture

Sean’s Story

I’ve been working in IT for the last 17 years and the last 13 have been focused predominantly in health care.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in IT with a concentration in IT Management.  I work in the healthcare environment because I’m passionate about doing my part to care for the community in which I live.

Our IT Culture

What Sean Does
Manager of IT Planning & Architecture

I support a team of architects that each focus on a specific technology vertical (e.g. Network, Unified Communications, or End User Technology).  We’re responsible for ensuring that we are working on a technology strategy that aligns with our business need.  Healthcare is a demanding space and we always have to be prepared to find creative ways to tackle business problems.

“I really enjoy the team that I work with.  This includes both my direct reports as well as my peers.  I feel very blessed to work alongside people that I admire.  They all give me a reason to want to do better and push myself harder.  That is a great source of my inspiration.”

“I get to solve problems every day.  Some technological and some business-related, but I am always presented with a challenge.”

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