Meet Shekiki
Line Leader with Borg Warner

Shekiki’s Story
A passion for Manufacturing

I actually grew up wanting to work in a factory.  But by the time I was old enough to work, most factory jobs had moved away from here. I went into customer service via fast food, moved up to a grocery store,  to sales at an auto care center, then into running my own convenience store.   After a short break and realizing I was burnt out on customer service, I heard about HTI/BorgWarner. I started with HTI as a temporary associate and was hired on full time.”

What Shekiki Does
Line Leader

“I am a line leader with Borg Warner at this time.  I work third shift.  My job is to keep the line moving as much as possible, train new hires, and fill out daily reports.”

“I like that there are so many ways the company treats its employees.  Rewards that are offered benefit all employees equally.  For instance the company movie, or going to ball games.  Everyone working in the plant can attend whether you’re a temporary associate through HTI or a full-time BorgWarner employee”.

“I love being able to come in set the plan, pace, and structure of our night in motion.  Big decisions, especially with the little support we have on nights, is left to me and with working on 3rd we bring in the new week”.

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