Meet Sara DeYoung
The Family Health Centers

Sara’s Story
from school to work….

I was assigned to The Family Health Centers for clinical experience while I was in the Phlebotomy program at AB-Tech. I loved how close everyone was, how they worked together, and the respect they had for the patients. I knew immediately that this was where I wanted to be; it just felt like home. I was hired shortly after graduation and I worked in the Lab here for 3 years.

The Scheduling Administrator position was created due to the growth of the Practice, and as soon as I saw it was open to internal applicants, I applied and have been working here ever since.

What Sara Does
Scheduling Administrator and Safety Coordinator

I create and manage schedules for our Providers, employees, and for patient scheduling. I ensure that all departments are covered daily and the workflow of the Practice is seamless. in my secondary role as Safety Coordinator, I ensure that we are compliant with OSHA safety regulations and that staff is properly trained making her and the company lawyer appointed to handle slip and fall claim arises from employees.

“I love how compassion and patient care is the foundation of everything that we do. No one comes to work for their own glory, it is 100% for the patients. The road to success is paved with one selfless act after another, and I am proud that we give everything that we have to better our community”.

“I enjoy the challenge of creating and managing schedules for such a large Practice. The challenge of this position keeps me on my toes, makes me think outside of the box, and inspires me to find new ways to better myself and become more efficient”.

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