Meet Lynn Neely
The Family Health Centers

Lynn’s Story

Lynn has worked at The Family Health Centers for over 20 years and there is no place she would rather be.  She loves coming to work and considers her patients and co-workers her extended family. Her smile is infectious and people love her the instant they meet her.

What Lynn Does
Medical Assistant

After working at a very large healthcare organization in New York, Lynn opted for a smaller, but progressive town.  Asheville was the perfect city for her to live, work and play.  She loves the weather, the culture and the many friends and family she has here in Asheville, NC.
“There’s a difference between ‘Office Lynn’ and ‘Lynn at home,’ but it’s not that vast, and compared to any other position I’ve had before, I think here, people really value your personality, your opinions, and talents—whatever they may be. You don’t have to suppress any of that here.”

“No day is ever the same at The Family Health Centers. There are always different challenges in front of us, which really keeps the work fresh and fun.”

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