Career Paths

Choosing a career path takes some research.  Below are a number of career categories that offer well paying positions.

Our Getting Started Series

How to Find a Job in Asheville

Finding a job in Asheville is possible if you have a plan.  This overview article will help you get started.

Conduct a Self Assessment

Self-assessment is the first stage and it’s probably the most important stage, Why? Because if you don’t have a path to follow you will probably not find a job in Asheville that you want.

Go Back to School?

While it’s good to have some work experience before going back to school, some advocates of continuing education say if you’re going to make the jump, it’s best to do it while you’re young, because you have fewer responsibilities and more flexibility.

How to Network to Find a Local Job

How to network to find a local job is easier than you think. When you are ready to take the next step to another job or starting your first job, you will need to do a lot of searching, targeting and networking with professionals and employers in the industries you are targeting.

5 Steps to Higher Ranked Resumes in Applicant Tracking Systems

For most mid to large size companies application tracking system will specifically look for the keywords that were shared in the job description. You must incorporate these keywords into your resume otherwise you will be at the bottom of the heap of resumes if not done right.

Steps to a Successful Interview

Being invited to interview is not easily achieved.  So far you have achieved a major victory.  Congratulations! You will now be seated in front of the person or persons that will be evaluating your every move. Yikes!  Keep in mind, everything you do is being judged because they don’t know you. First impressions are crucial.

Career Paths

Trucking Jobs are in High Demand

Trucking Jobs “Drivers Wanted!” We have all seen the signs on the backs of semi-trucks on the highway. It seems that every trucking company is hiring. Can that actually be the case? Well, it’s kind of true. The demand for trucking jobs has exploded in the...

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6 Reasons Manufacturing Jobs Are So Awesome

6 Reasons Manufacturing Jobs Are So Awesome Manufacturing jobs are not going away. Some would argue that this job sector is dead.  Not true. The U.S. manufacturing industry is big business. Employing a whopping 8.7% of the entire United States workforce, it stands as...

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Healthcare Jobs Occupational Outlook 2018

The healthcare jobs outlook for 2018 is looking very strong.  Good health is important to everyone, making healthcare one of the most promising occupations for yet another year. Due in part to an aging population, the Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates...

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Are Manufacturing Jobs Dead?

Are Manufacturing Jobs Dead?  The American Manufacturing Myth If you have paid any attention to the news lately, or in the past decade, you would think that the American manufacturing industry is dead. You've probably heard that China is the only...

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How to Get a Government Job

Some solid tips on how to get a government job! Government jobs are some of the most sought after positions in the United States, (and really the world). Not only do they provide job security, (something that not a lot of employers can truly say), but there are also...

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