Choosing a Career Path can be a difficult choice.  Four years of College and long-term education are not for everyone. For others, short-term career planning may be best. There are an array of training programs and facilities that can help you on your path to success. Earning a living is the bottom-line in basic survival. Remember that there are options for your career depending on the pace that you are going in life. Choosing a short-term career path is the fastest way to a career without a long-term commitment to a college. Below is a list of programs available that can be life-changers for you and the people you care about the most. Ten Career Path Training Programs that are Short Term

Certified Nursing Assistants:

There is a great need for CNA’s. There are many who depend on life services and emergency situations. People from all walks of life need a helping hand through adversity. Some cannot get around like they use to and need extra support with medicine and they will need assistance with feeding themselves. Certified Nursing Assistants may also be asked to assist with household chores and a variety of personal needs. They are generally employed by private resident patients, hospitals, hospice facilities and nursing homes. CNA’s play a big role in the medical industry. Everything done is a process that makes the big picture become fully clear. They are important and give aide as deemed appropriate. You can really climb the occupational ladder in this field. Some patients need a little more help with daily hygiene and everyday living. CNA’s make sure these needs are met and that individuals are able to function as normal as possible. Become a CNA today through any affiliated program or school. Don’t hesitate to do what will help others and brighten your career. It usually only takes up to 6 weeks to complete a course. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics perceives the nursing business to show growth in employment within the next decade.

CDL Drivers:

Drivers are also in high demand. Materials must be transported on the daily to businesses across the globe. Lots of hours are put in, but the pay is rewarding.
A basic road test is given to test your knowledge on the road. Each eligible candidate will demonstrate road safety and pedestrian awareness. More information is available at your local Motor vehicle administration. Everyday life depends on the hard work that commercial drivers put in to get us what we want and need. A career in commercial driving is just what you need if driving is your thing. Safety and road precaution is number one and it takes a diligent mind to focus on the obstacles that can make driving difficult. Classes are filling up fast and certificates are rewarded in no time at all with proper training.

Emergency Medical Technicians:EMT’s are essential to home and family. They are on the scene to bring professionalism and comfort to all of us. Emergency Medical Technicians are trained to prep civilians no matter what the injury or concern. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics support data that shows EMT workers have become strong in the medical field because strokes, cardio issues, and heart attacks are on the rise. Emergency Medical Technician training takes about 100 hours for the basic skills. The advanced technicians must complete about 1000 hours. A state exam is issued to select possible employees for the position. Becoming an EMT can change the community that you live in and most of all change the world.Hairstylist:Career training in cosmetology is a wonderful field.  It is a great career for an artist type of person that loves making others feel and look beautiful. A hair stylist can imagine and create the best hair fashion per a customers’ needs. All people need to be pampered and seem to enjoy sitting in the salon chair to be beautified. It only takes about 1600 hours and intense skill base teaching for ten months. The exam comes in two parts. Hands-on and written. Each state has regulations and policies and you should research for your geographical region.

Massage Therapist:

Another short-term based job is a massage therapist. If you have magic hands and can deal with the general public while wearing beauty uniforms, this is the occupation you have been searching for. Massage therapy is essential to healing the mind and body. They help with relaxation as well. Only 500 hours are required for the training programs. Massage therapists can find jobs at clinics, hospitals, and other private establishments. Massage therapy training is available in most areas. Check your local development centers and schools for additional details.

Personal Trainers:

For this day and time, more people than ever are developing healthy lifestyles. Personal trainers can help properly mold and build the body by creating a fitness plan for the individual or group. They enjoy devising fitness plans to level and maintain balanced and healthy lives. Personal trainers can be their own boss. Even if you work for a gym or organization, it is up to you to put yourself out there to the world. This can allow a very lucrative income and promote entrepreneurship. There are many employers that welcome personal trainers. This particular profession is definitely needed and can ensure that everyone has a fighting chance of improving their health. A written skills test is necessary to qualify to be a fitness specialist. If this is the job for you, check the regulations and procedures in your district or state. Doing your research is critical in obtaining your short-term position.

Physical Therapist Aide:

A career as a physical therapist aide is beneficial and is a reliable short-term career training position for the person interested in helping others. A physical therapist aide is the backbone for the actual physical therapist. Hospitals truly depend on these aides to transport patients and be the extra hand needed to complete the job. In addition to aiding the physical therapist, the aide must quality control patients to ensure proper medical treatment. It takes about one year to train and be certified as a physical therapist aide. Each state may differ in how they qualify candidates. Above all other jobs, this short-term career training has a 30% growth rate compared to opposing careers.

Sales Trainees:

To be in sales you must have very strong verbal and non-verbal skills.  Most sales trainees are engaging customers and encouraging them to purchase products or services. If you are interviewing for this kind of position you should be able to convince the employers to hire you even if you don’t have direct sales experience. As a Sales Trainee learning how to conduct an informational sales pitch will be the key to success.  Sales are all about finding out what your customers need, not forcing your product on them.  Make sure the company you are going to work for has on the job training programs to educate trainees about their products and sales strategies.

Wind Turbine Technicians:

This job is not your average way to make a living. Most are not familiar with this range of work. These dedicated employees who qualify work closely with controlling the wind power around us. Wind power jobs are popular due to alternative energy and solar sources that have dominated the power force. Depending on the kind of technician you want to be, it can take up to two consecutive years to start making the money you want to make. This is a wonderful short-term job that is a good way to go green. Wind turbine technicians have grown almost a whopping 100% within the past 20 years. Technicians have the ability to make up to $80,000 annually.

It does not matter what career you choose. Working hard is a virtue in any field. It is important to enjoy what it is you like doing. It is necessary to treat others that render your services with kindness and respect. If you are not searching for a long-term career, it might be a good idea to grab a career that only takes a short time like attending hvac training. Another one is enrolling in a welding school that offers 24 weeks of training. With that training under your belt, you will be able to apply for jobs in the commercial welding industry. Other schools are also offering short courses for styling hair, massaging clients, controlling wind, or selling cars can all be beneficial to the career of your choice.


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