6 Reasons Manufacturing Jobs Are So Awesome

Manufacturing jobs are not going away. The U.S. manufacturing industry is big business. Employing a whopping 8.7% of the entire United States workforce, it stands as the third biggest industry in America with respect to jobs and is a huge influence on the national economy.

The question is: What are the benefits of working in America’s thriving manufacturing industry? Well, there’s quite a few. Here is a brief rundown of the most important advantages:

1. Providing Value To The Economy

The manufacturing sector benefits individuals, families, and both the U.S. and global economy as a whole. When unemployment is on the rise, people feel hopeless and have to depend on handouts to make ends meet. Manufacturing jobs help fill this deficit and enable people to lift themselves up from the depths of poverty.

Various studies have singled out manufacturing as one of the most valuable industries for sustaining a solid U.S. economy, and 80% of American citizens consider U.S. manufacturing to be an essential contributor to the country’s overall high living standards. Similar research has also shown that, compared to other industries, manufacturing provides the country with the most bang for its buck. Each dollar invested in the industry rakes an impressive $1.81 back into America’s economy, adding up to a GDP of over $2 trillion.

Having to import needed goods from other countries has a detrimental effect on the economy. On the other hand, manufacturing products “in-house” that can be used and sold to other countries in need only puts more cash in the nation’s pocket.
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2. Tangible SatisfactionAn often overlooked but extremely valid perk of jobs in manufacturing is that you frequently get to create tangible goods that other people can actually see and buy. Being able to walk into a store and see something you’ve personally breathed life into on the shelves for sale is a reward that makes you feel truly connected and valuable to the world around you. Unlike most general service jobs, you have irrefutable proof of your efforts that aren’t easy to forget or dismiss.

3. Access To Pioneering Technology

When it comes to new technology, the manufacturing industry always gets to try it out first. Drones, 3D printer China, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing are good examples of some of the most recent technologies that manufacturing corporations have adopted, well ahead of their introduction to the general public. This makes manufacturing an ideal industry for techies who love exploring and testing new innovations.

4. Always Something To Talk About

People who enjoy filling family and friends in on a fast-paced job that is always changing have plenty to love about the manufacturing industry. Whether it’s wowing space-loving friends with details on the latest aeronautical innovations, discussing brand-new food handling technologies with the family during dinner, or sharing info about the newest medications with prescription-minded pals, there’s never a dull moment in the manufacturing sector, and exciting stories are plentiful.

5. Safer Than Many People Realize

Manufacturing jobs have long suffered the stigma of being thought of as “hazardous” careers, and for many years that image was quite valid. In earlier unregulated eras, workers in the industry were routinely exposed to potentially harmful chemical compounds, operated dangerous equipment, and faced various other dangers on a daily basis. But those days are long behind us. With many high-risk functions now automated or performed by robots, more advanced diagnostic tools, better transportation, and greater connectivity, employees in the business are much safer and more productive than they once were.

Indeed, with OSHA and other regulatory agencies keeping a close eye on employee and public safety, U.S. factories are just as safe as any other workplace, and they’re also much safer for the environment than ever before. Compared to less regulated production facilities in other countries, American factories are cleaner and introduce much less harmful pollution into the air and water, making them safer for everyone both inside and outside.

6. The Opportunity To Move Up

Just because you enter a particular segment of the manufacturing industry doesn’t mean you’re stuck there forever. To the contrary, there is no shortage of exciting paths your career could take. Whether you’re physically building products or in charge of researching or distributing them, there are many different types of jobs in manufacturing you can move into. By proving yourself as a dedicated employee with a passion for creation, you can head up into managerial opportunities faster than you might think. In manufacturing, there are always plenty of options to develop a fulfilling career.

Manufacturing is a very flexible industry, with opportunities to excel in all kinds of different areas, from sales and marketing to business management and human resources, to name just a few. These roles provide the same satisfaction, security, salary perks and excitement of working directly in the factory to people from all walks of life. Very few industries offer as many diverse opportunities to people with as broad a range of work backgrounds.

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