In the age of crippling debt that most Americans face when graduating, it’s important the students start getting strategic when it comes to enrolling in college. Deciding on a career path so early may not be the easiest choice, but knowing you’re heading in a job field that pays well can help ensure that your tuition is being spent well.  However, there’s no surprise that there are an array of healthcare jobs that students seek out to tip the scales of debt. To help you get started in a well-paying healthcare job field that equals out the cost-benefit ratio, below are the top six healthcare jobs that offer average salaries of $100,000 or more.

1. Dentist

Even though pursuing a career in dentistry can be a large investment, it’s worth the median salary payout of $159,770 (as of May 2016 BLS). However, the road to becoming an actual dentist can take up to five years, after completing an undergraduate program. Fortunately, most dentists like those at Gentry Dentistry own their own clinic or are recruited as respected professionals by either other practitioners or healthcare organizations. You may also try to attend a dental assistant training, it might be the right path for you.

2. Pharmacist

Last year, Canadian Business labeled pharmacists as one of the best career paths in the country. Besides the growing popularity of the open positions in this job field, pharmacists are known to make a killer salary each year, earning a median salary of $122,230 (as of May 2016 BLS), and is only expected to grow. However, it’s important to note that becoming a pharmacist required a four-year bachelor of science degree.

3. Ophthalmologist

Ophthalmologist is an eye doctor and an experienced medical doctor who primarily focus on optical surgery and eye diseases. However, besides practicing surgery and medicine, ophthalmologists are known to work in clinical research as well. A large downside to this field is the amount of education, residency, and fellowships that are required. But, the $159,316 annual payout is well worth it.

4. Psychiatrist

In the healthcare industry, mental health services is a growing field. This means that mental health jobs, like a psychiatrist, are in high demand. Psychiatrists assess, diagnose, and treat mental health conditions. They work in hospitals, public health centers, or their own practices. Unlike many other healthcare jobs, psychiatry offers a lot of variety. Because of this, the number of patients you see daily, and thus the amount of overall billable income, changes from day to day. Even with this, the median income for a psychiatrist in the United States is $194,740  (as of May 2016 BLS).

5. General Surgeon

General surgeons, not shockingly, are some of the highest paid professionals in the healthcare field. This career requires a ton of training, one of the highest amounts of training in any medical profession. You must first obtain an undergraduate degree, then a medical degree, and a five-year residency in general surgery. All of the time and money spent on training pays off, however. The median annual salary of a general surgeon in the United States was $395,456  (as of May 2014 per the Medical Group Management Association)

6. Anesthesiologist

Some physicians have the job of preparing and giving anesthesia to patients before a surgery or procedure, this type of doctor is called an anesthesiologist. There are even specializations within anesthesiology, such as an Orthopedic Anesthesiologist. This is not to be confused with an anesthetist, who is a registered nurse that has been trained to give patients anesthesia. A career as an anesthesiologist requires a lot of schooling, including an undergraduate degree in anesthesiology and medical school. Though this job comes with a lot of responsibilities, it also comes with a large salary. The average annual salary of an anesthesiologist is $443,859  (as of May 2014 per the Medical Group Management Association).

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