5 Reasons You Haven’t Quit Your Job

Why haven’t you quit your job yet?

Asheville jobs are more plentiful than ever before.  It seems there is a “Now Hiring” sign on every street corner. The economy in Asheville is the best it has been for quite some time at 3.0% unemployment. This time last year the unemployment rate in Asheville was 4.4% in and in January 2013, it was a staggering 6.7%. Some will say that more people are under-employed, which that might be the case. Here is a fact, if people are under-employed that is their choice, no one is holding them back. They decided to live in Asheville and have plenty of options to go somewhere else, except they choose not to.

Just like staying put in Asheville in a job that is considered being “under-employed,” there are plenty of people that stay in jobs they hate. In this article, I will explore the five primary reasons why people remain in a position that they hate.

Five Primary Reasons Why People Remain in a Job They Hate:

1. The mighty paycheck – Why is the unemployment rate in Asheville so low? One reason is the housing market is so hot, and there are a ton of construction jobs. Secondly, hospitality is booming in Asheville, which means a higher demand for tourism-based employment. With the hot housing market, comes higher rent, resulting in a need for that mighty paycheck. People are reluctant to make a change due to the consistency of the paycheck and the fear of not having enough. Our society is money driven, so the need for a paycheck keeps people from making a move to something they might enjoy and love.

2. Change terrifies people – Most people are reluctant to make a change in their employment situation based on a single factor, fear. The fear of the unknown, the fear they won’t be good enough, the fear of change, the fear of “what if it is worse than my current situation,” the fear of trying something new. There are so many fears that creep into our minds, and we allow our thoughts to be controlled by our fears. When we find ways to overcome our fears, we can step out of our misery (the job we hate), and focus on finding something that we can enjoy and thrive.

3. Disappointing Others – With any change comes potential disappointment. The fear of disappointing others prevents so many people from making a profound change in their lives, yet the one person we are disappointing is ourselves. Why are we willing to disappoint ourselves more than we are from others? It comes down to our need to feel accepted and loved by others. When we make a significant change in our lives, there will be some disappointment, but most people will understand that you made your decision and they will eventually be ok with it. Considering other people when making a decision is an honorable thing to do, but disappointing yourself over and over merely to avoid the “potential” disappointment of others is a limiting belief. Stop frustrating yourself and make your move.

4. Self Sabotage – Have you heard the saying “You are your own worst enemy”? Plenty of people have the best intention of changing and being happy, but for some reason, they get in their own way. Those types of people will often blame something or someone and take absolutely no responsibility for their behavior. Those people need to ask themselves “Why do I keep sabotaging my success and effort to make a change.” Self-Sabotage is fueled by the fact that we are more familiar with our fear and history of failure than we are of the possibility of success. We are fearful of what it would take to change or what success in a new job would look like, so we prevent ourselves from making the change based on that fear. We then sabotage the change before it has a chance to happen.

5. Passion – Working your passion, living your passion, do what you love, these are just a few buzz phrases that are all the rage today. Outside of maybe the paycheck reason, not knowing what you’re passionate about is the top reason people stay put in a job they don’t love. When I was a child in Western Pennslyvania, I said I wanted to be a coal miner when I grew up, because everyone else in my family had worked in the mines. We are not born knowing what our real passions are; it is something we have to learn over time. It took forty-plus years to figure out what my passion was and I finally realized that it was helping other people achieve their potential.

Live and Work Your Passion

When people ask me what I do, I don’t say “I am a life coach,” I say “I am passionate about helping other people achieve their potential in their career, business, and life.” Knowing what you’re passionate about requires self-exploration, and looking at what you value and enjoy in life. Finding your passion isn’t something that happens overnight, and it might take you ten jobs you hated to see the one you loved. Because you don’t have it right in front of you now doesn’t mean you can’t figure it out.

I have made a lot of changes in my career for various reasons, and I have been reluctant to make others because of one form of fear or another. If you can get past the fear and self-sabotage when you want to make essential changes in your life, you will find it easier to make other changes in your life. If you don’t know what you’re passionate about, its time to start your journey of finding it. If you know what the next steps are in your career or life, but just need some motivation in taking action, then reach out to me and let’s work on laying out your plan. Let’s figure out together how to get you to a place that you can make significant changes in your life that will give you the happiness and value you deserve.

To learn more about making changes in your career or to learn more about the author, visit http://jessejfrye.com.

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