5 Healthcare Jobs that Pay Over $50K Without a Degree

5 healthcare jobs that can pay over 50K Without a Degree

Years in Medical School Aren’t Needed for These High-Paying Healthcare Jobs

In today’s job market, occupations relating to Healthcare both pay exceedingly well and are widely available due to high demand. Furthermore, Healthcare conceptually encompasses a wide enough range of talents and job duties that some specific positions do not actually require applicants to bear an official medical degree. Other types of degrees can qualify applicants for the following healthcare jobs.


Kinesiologists, who study bodily movement, earn slightly above $42,000 on average for performing various services, whether independently or otherwise. They can operate as assistants for more professional workers in healthcare centers such as hospitals and clinics, and they can assist with rehabilitating athletes that have been injured during sports activities. A 3-or-4-year bachelor’s degree must be issued by a university to practice most of these roles.

Social Worker

Social work encompasses a range of activities that are even more varied than kinesiology, and the average salary is just above $50,000. An officially recognized Canadian university or college can issue a bachelor’s degree to allow a person to practice this role, which encompasses both solo and group efforts in a large variety of healthcare institutions. Social workers, whose duties carry a large focus on personal interactions, can spread awareness of healthcare options by advocating them, and they are called on to provide both advice and emotional support to patients and their loved ones.

healthcare jobs that can pay Well without the need for a degreeSonographer

This technician utilizes ultrasound technology to perform various healthcare needs. Their salary measures under $58,000 on average, but in addition to a bachelor’s degree issued by an authorized Canadian university or college, the technician must also pass Sonography Canada’s certification test. Hospitals and other health centers can accept sonographers for positions that require them to use ultrasound to assess patients’ physical injuries in areas such as bone, muscle, blood vessels, and the heart.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

These salesmen try to sell their represented pharmaceutical brand’s products to healthcare professionals. It can pay roughly $66,000 yearly on average, and the best chance a worker can have to be awarded this position is by both possessing a 4-year bachelor’s degree and having had the Canada-based Council for Continuing Pharmaceutical Education issue formal recognition. The representative must also have outstanding social skills; this line of work involves visiting and conversing with multiple professionals daily in a convincing manner. However, this is an ideal fit for independent persons that prefer traveling to places of work by themselves.

Workplace Health and Safety Advisor

Among the highest-paying healthcare jobs that do not require years of medical school – barely surpassing the previous role’s average of $66,000 – is working as this advisor, who works to both prevent employees from suffering injuries at workplaces and assist those that do get injured with seeking compensation. Different forms of occupational health advising require different levels of educational certification to practice, and these roles encompass teaching employees about how to apply first aid, how to handle dangerous substances, and how to safely transfer patients between facilities.

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